Current location: Nashville, TN

Hi! I’m Zoe.

I’m currently entering my final year as a doctoral candidate in history at Vanderbilt University. My dissertation, “Construction Anti-Colonial Cairo”, is about Cairo’s role as a hub for international anti-colonial movements and anti-colonial media production. This project grew out of my graduate course work research and what I thought was a simple question about the relationships between activists North and South of the Sahara. I work primarily in print newspapers and periodicals from Cairo and other Third World capitals, as well diplomatic cables from Western embassies in Cairo and Western newspapers. Under the hood of the project, I rely on a web app I built to manage my data, and extract text and images from my archival research. I’m currently experimenting with various statistical methods to understand how discourses and symbolism in these sources changed over time.

When not working on my dissesrtation, I’m usually working on refining my understanding of web development, text and image analysis, and mapping and data visualization. My entry into development was through Digital Humanities, and in March 2017 I graduated from the Nashville Software School. Currently, I’m work part-time as a data developer at a startup, using React, Redux, Elixir, and Postgres to further my data analysis and developer skills.

Ultimately, I’m passionate about building and studying the future of knowledge production. I love solving problems, sharing ideas, and learning new things (i.e. insanely curious ENTP). I’m also a big sci-fi/fantasy fan (hover over my image for proof).

Hope you say hi back 👋!

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