Zoe Genvieve LeBlanc

Digital History ✨ Histories of Information & Liberation ✨ Data Narratives & Computational Methods


Hi! I’m Zoe.

I am currently an Assistant Professor in the School of Information Sciences at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. My research focuses on the intersection of histories of information and digital humanities. In both my scholarship and teaching, I examine how knowledge and power have been historically produced through the lens of information, particularly in relation to liberation politics. This perspective connects to contemporary debates surrounding data and society, as well as the use (and misuse) of digital methods in the humanities. I am especially interested in combining critical and historical analyses of our current digital moment, while also experimenting with and developing the future of knowledge production. In essence, I am fascinated with how information organizes and structures our world, and how we can build this to be more equitable and liberatory in the future.

Previously, I was the Postdoctoral Associate and Weld Fellow at the Center for Digital Humanities at Princeton University. I also received my Ph.D. in History at Vanderbilt University in August 2019 and was a Digital Humanities Developer at the Scholars’ Lab, University of Virginia, where I designed and built web applications for mapping and data visualization in the humanities.

Currently, I am involved in various digital initiatives and publications and welcome the opportunity to discuss these or explore potential collaborations.

Hope you say hi back 👋🏽!

Link to latest CV available here.